Optimize Your Garage

The family garage is where a lot of items are stored that don’t seem to have a home anywhere else. These can range from leftover building materials to sporting equipment. Maybe you have a surplus of lawn ornaments or gardening supplies laying around. There are solutions to optimizing your space and storing all of these and more in an organized fashion.

Tool Organization

Searching for tools will be a breeze when you place them in a central location that’s easy to access. Good old-fashioned peg board is one option. Going with containers such as extreme tools toolboxes is another avenue you can take. Either choice will help you to categorize your implements according to use, shape, or color. Owning a tool cabinet on wheels will pay dividends when it comes time to repair a small engine or other machines that need to be operated on outside of your garage workspace. Conversely, if the job calls for you to be seated for any period of time, a bench-top cabinet or box will allow you to have all of the gadgets you need right in front of you and within arm’s length.

Overhead Space

One area that is often overlooked in a garage is the ceiling space. With a little bit of clever planning, you can turn underused space into a convenient spot to stash things that are over sized or not used often. Heavy duty hooks are an excellent way to hang bikes from the wheel. It is a method that frees up floor space and involves very little effort to implement. Constructing a simple, low-profile rack out of 2″ x 4″ lumber that hangs from the ceiling is great for skis and fishing poles. This type of fixture also protects your goods by keeping them out of high traffic areas.

Wall Locations

Walls provide the majority of the space to work with in your garage, so take full advantage. Shelving is the most obvious storage fix. Shelves can be configured to suit any need. Get the most bang for your buck by utilizing something deep enough to accommodate plastic bins. They will hold small parts and conceal them from view, providing a clean appearance.

Wall brackets are available to hold lawn and yard instruments.  The same hooks that are used on ceilings can also be used to hang hoses and cables. Attach them at uniform intervals for neatness. For larger apparatuses like kayaks or paddle boards, well-placed pegs connected to wall studs will keep them securely hung.

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