Moving To Another State? Here Are 5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

Moving is already hard, but distance will make it harder. That’s why if you’re moving to another state, you have to prepare fully well.

There are things you should do before the moving day to ensure everything goes smoothly. Remember, you won’t have the liberty to go back to your old place that easily once you have settled in.

That said, here are our top 5 tips for those relocating to another state.

1. Know everything you can about the state and the city you’re moving to.

Research where you’re moving to whether you’re relocating for a new job offer or you’ve simply decided to do so.

One of the key things to know is the rules and regulations in the state. Know where and when to pay taxes, find out the weather, know where you can find schools and hospitals. Make sure you are familiar with the new place you’re living in.

To make your research more personal, visit the state and the city you’re moving to at least once before the move. Check out the neighborhood and find out where the key places to go to are.

2. Be familiar with process of claiming residency.

Once you have unpacked, it’s easier to process your residency in the state. That’s why research is essential, so you don’t get confused when you’re already there.

Claiming residency is usually for tax purposes. Without legally changing your address, you might end up paying a fine or paying two taxes from different states at a time.

In addition, you can also renew your P.O. box for important mails.

3. Find a house.

As much as possible, find a home first before you start packing and decide on a moving date. This makes your relocation faster as you are sure you have a place to stay.

Hire a reliable realtor to help you find the best possible place that meets your budget, preference, and your needs. You might want it closer to the heart of the city or to your job. Make sure it also has enough amenities for your family.

4. Purge your stuff.

Whether you’re hiring a professional mover or you’re doing it DIY style, the best thing to do is to declutter. With fewer belongings, packing and moving is less stressful. It’s also cheaper to move with less stuff.

Give away things you are not using in a while or haven’t used. You can also sell items you believe are still valuable. This helps you gain extra income that you can spend on the move.

5. Move according to your budget.

Know that moving will cost a lot of money before anything else. In fact, it’s a lot more expensive when you’re moving farther away from your current place. That said, only move when you’re comfortable that your funds will last throughout the move.

It’s also safer to move when you are guaranteed a job in your new place. This adds more security that your choice to move is safe and will be stress-free.

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