Mouse Infestation Inside Your Home

Mice in pet shops generally look cute, but that’s not the case if you find one running across your floor at home.

Mice like to find somewhere warm, where they feel safe for the winter, your home will offer lots of suitable places and you may not even realize you have an issue until you find the droppings across your floor or countertops.

The mice may scurry quickly away from you, but, the fact is that they carry an array of diseases which are not beneficial to human health. You don’t need to be bitten to contract a disease, simply touching their droppings and then your mouth, or an open cut, is enough.

It’s also worth noting that mice like to live in colonies, they will breed quickly which is why you need to contact your local pest control service fast if you think you have an issue.

Signs Of An Issue

The most obvious sign of an issue is seeing a mouse running across your floor, especially if you’re all settled down to watch TV, they’ll feel safer as there is no movement.

You may also notice droppings, particularly in cupboards and possibly on the countertops. You’ll need to disinfect these areas.

Another tell-tale sign s damaged food packets, where the mice have tried, or succeeded, in getting to your food. You’ll need to throw this away as it is not worth taking the risk.

Finally, it is also possible you’ll hear the mice moving around. This usually happens in the middle of the night when the house is quiet.

Why You Need To Act Quickly

Seeing a mouse or two may not bother you too much. However, they do carry disease and one female mouse can have up to 10 litters a year, each of those litters can be 6 mice. That means just one mouse will give birth to up to 60 mice in a year.

Of course, the young mice are quickly able to breed themselves and can dramatically multiple the issue. If you think, you have mice, whether 1 or 100, get the exterminators in fast!

It’s not just disease that they carry, mice will often chew through materials in your home when making their nests. Unfortunately, this includes the sheath on your electrical wires, leaving the wires exposed and dramatically increasing the risk of fire in your home.


Only a professional can eliminate the mice infestation completely. But, you can help to prevent them coming back by sealing up gaps and cracks in your walls, or around your windows and doors. When looking for cracks consider the fact that a mouse can get through a gap as small as ¼ inch, as long as their head fits the rest of their body will.

You should also make an effort to ensure no food or water is left lying around. Even a crumb can represent a feast to a mouse, wipe your sides down regularly and use an anti-bacterial spray to help prevent your home from being appealing to mice.

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