Keeping Your Drains in Good Shape

Keeping Your Drains in Good Shape

One aspect of your home that you probably shy away from is your drainage. Thinking about sewage can be very disturbing and most homeowners assume it works fine. But ignoring your drainage system can result in problems in the future. You should be alert for warning signs of any problems so that you can resolve them as quickly as possible.   Here are some pointers on how to ensure that drainage issues don’t ruin your home in any way:

Implement Steps to Avoid Clogs

Clogs in your drains don’t miraculously appear. They are the result of carelessly throwing things into the drains. If you want to avoid clogs, then you should avoid throwing everything into the drains. First, you need to dispose of grease properly. When disposed of through the drain, it builds up in the lining of the pipes and eventually becomes a clog.

Other materials that should not be cement, joint compound, dental floss, and other pieces of garbage. The only thing that should go down your drains is small pieces of biodegradable waste. Anything else can have the chance of causing clogs. You should also invest in drain covers to catch hair and debris from going into your drains.

Do Regular Drain Maintenance

Even if you avoid dumping things into your drains, clogs can still develop. You need to combine your careful usage of your drains with regular preventative maintenance. This is done every week and every month. For the weekly maintenance, you should flush your drains with hot water. This helps dislodge anything in the pipes. Additionally, you have to clean out your drain covers. This ensures that the flow is smooth and the dirt doesn’t pile up.

As for every month, this is when your bathroom drains need cleaning. If you have a big tub, clean it at this time. You also need to invest in bacterial drain cleaners so that you can pour them down the drains for more powerful clog-busting.

Take Note of the Main Sewer Line

Your main sewer line should be getting some attention, too. If you can’t find anything wrong with the other drain lines, then your problem is most likely there. If you do think it is your main sewer line, you can dislodge a clog. All you need to do is get a plumbing snake and have the willingness to get your hands dirty. Start with opening the cap on your main drain pipe. You can then use the plumbing snake to dislodge any potential clog.

You need water to clean the mess that comes out. You should also be wearing some protective wear. If this does not clear up your problem, you might have tree roots blocking the line. For a situation like that, you will need to hire an expert in sewer line repair services in Orem and other urban areas. They have the equipment to clear out the roots and replace your plumbing.

Your drains have the difficult but necessary job of taking your sewage away from the house. This makes them a priority when it comes to repair and maintenance. If you don’t give them the right attention, you can expect sanitation problems that can be very costly to fix.

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