How servicing saves you money with your generator

A backup generator is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment that you need in your home and business. Without this, your business could register losses in case of power outages due to the disruption. Again, if you are in the medical field and power is needed to move life-support machines, it could be dangerous if there is an outage.

Again, it’s one thing to have the standby generator and another to have it properly maintained. For the generator to work optimally servicing must be done regularly- this would ensure that in case there is a fault, it is rectified in time and thus no disruptions in case of a power surge.

Following are some of the reasons why you must have your generator serviced.


When your generator is serviced regularly, you are sure that there will be no frustrations in case of a power surge. Servicing ensures that all the components of the generator are properly checked and each is working perfectly. The cooling system, the gas system, and the overall safety system. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a power outage, your things will be secure and operations will run normally.

For proper safety, there needs a working emergency shutdown procedure where after some time, the generator is tested by switching off the main power to see how effective it is. With a proper maintenance procedure in place, the safety of your workplace is assured.

Servicing saves your money

How would it feel if your generator fails to pick up, only to realize that the cooling system was faulty, something that should have been rectified? It feels so bad and the risks can be quite expensive especially if you have sensitive machines and electrically supported by power. Just because servicing was overlooked, you will be forced to spend a fortune to bring things to order. Worse still, if the generator was used to power life support machines in a hospital, you could have deaths as a result- you don’t want such experiences.

Get a professional to do the servicing regularly; this includes; checking if the engine, the gas, oil, and air filters are working properly. Servicing the generator daily allows you also to check its fuel efficiency-this would tell you if it is in the right condition and the possibility of breaking down.  Having a reputable company checking on your generator regularly will save you lots of money that you would spend on repairs and losses in case of breakdown.


One of how you can increase the life-span of a generator is through regular servicing by a reputable PowerGen Australia service provider. A well-serviced generator can run for over thirty thousand hours reliably and it can last for decades. No one wants to buy a generator and then after a year, they have to replace it, it can be too expensive for you or your business.

Having your generator serviced regularly, will ensure that it performs perfectly, reduces the cost of repairs and losses due to failure. Again, you have the asset value of the generator improved- If you decide to trade-in, then you can be sure you will get some good money.

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