House Plan Tips

You’ve dreamed about it for years and now it’s time to begin designing your dream home. Where do you start, though? Which rooms are the most critical? What should you do about maximizing natural light while reducing your heating and cooling bills? How do you prevent heat or cold from migrating into the home from the garage? What’s the ideal kitchen layout? These are just some of the questions answered in this guide from Truoba House Plans. Learn more about nine of the most critical elements when designing a custom home for you and your family!

While all the topics we mentioned above are critical, natural light is one of the most important. Allowing plenty of natural light into the home offers quite a few important benefits, including the following:


·         More natural light reduces your need for artificial lighting, cutting down on your utility bills.


·         Lower electricity usage helps reduce power-plant emissions and resource demand.


·         Natural light can help to regulate your circadian rhythm, allowing you to sleep better.


·         Exposure to natural light boosts your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D, which prevents bone loss and even helps fight some types of cancer.


·         Natural light can be an important tool for anyone who struggles with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


So, how do you ensure that you get maximum natural light throughout your home? The answer is to install plenty of windows. Each room should have at least one window, but two is preferable. Make sure those windows are modern and able to block UV rays while minimizing heating and cooling loss, too.

With a little bit of effort and the right windows, your home can be bathed in beautiful natural light, boosting your health and improving your quality of life. Combined with other important steps, this can help you create a home you’ll love for years to come.

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