From Storage to Cozy Bedroom: Transforming Your Attic In Four Steps

From Storage to Cozy Bedroom: Transforming Your Attic In Four Steps

Most Americans utilize an attic as additional storage. However, do not just let the dust accumulate in your attic. The attic has so much potential, offering you extra room for when your family has grown and need more space in your home.

One of the most popular trends in home renovation in recent years is converting the attic into a bedroom.

If you want to know more, here is a guide that can help you.

Call a Team of Professionals

Before you do anything, you first need to make sure that converting your attic into a bedroom can be done. That means you need to review the structural layout of the attic and the house to see if it is up to building code.

You may need to ask the help of professionals to inspect the property. A general contractor will be able to tell you whether you can do the transformation and how. They will also assist in obtaining any relevant permits and complete the construction for you.

Some elements that need to be considered are the size of the room, the structural support used in the attic, etc.

Install Utilities

Because the attic has long been delegated as storage, there usually is only one or two light bulbs to brighten up the space. The attic, therefore, is not yet ready to be used as a living area.

During renovations, you would need to add more lighting fixtures and electrical outlets around the room. Aside from sleep, you, a family member, or your guest — whoever will stay in this room — would want to charge their smart devices. There should be easy and ample access to power at any time of day.

You also have to extend the reach of your heating and air conditioning system toward the attic. The attic is not the ideal place of the house to live in. In summer, the indoor temperature will be too hot for any person to be comfortable. By winter, the room will be too cold to sleep in.

If you want the attic to be separate from the rest of the house, you can also consider installing plumbing so that the room will have its bathroom.

Fix the Staircase

In addition to the interiors of the attic, you also might need to renovate the staircase that will lead into the new room. You want stairs that are accessible but will not disrupt the original plan of the space below (i.e. not blocking any door).

Start Decorating

Now, for the exciting part: decorate your new room. Although the style of the room depends on your taste, consider using light colors. Dark colors would give the room a cave-like effect, especially if it does not get a lot of natural sunlight. It would make the room look smaller and narrower.

Light paint does the exact opposite: it makes the room look bigger and brighter, making it look more welcoming.

If you have limited space, go minimal on the furniture. You want to have space to move around.

You might also need to get a few pieces of furniture custom-made to fit the rather odd corners and crannies of your new room.

Transforming an attic into a bedroom is a surprisingly easy and fun project. It is an investment that is well worth your money. Hopefully, these tips can help you realize the true potential of your attic and other spaces around the house.

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