So You Think You Don’t Need A Garden Shed? Think again!

When you hear the word ‘shed’ you probably think of a wooden, hut-like building where you are supposed to keep a lawn-mower, garden tools and so on. However, sheds in North Wales from Richard Williams, the builder’s merchants in North Wales, have come a long way since those days.

Versatile garden sheds in North Wales

Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes and perhaps you should think of them as outdoor living spaces, a sanctuary where you can pursue your interests, such as writing or listening to music, away from the rest of the family. Perhaps you should think of them not as a shed, but a timber garden building. You could us your shed as a summerhouse with a little ingenuity.

Sheds can be used as offices, party rooms, gyms, play houses for the kids, or games rooms; the possibilities are endless. You could have the basic utilities installed and have a fridge filled with your favourite drinks. Invite your friends around and tell them to bring a bottle or two. An evening out would be much cheaper than one spent in your local. Use your sheds in North Wales as entertainment rooms and rent films to watch with friends and family.

If you bought a smaller shed, you could use it as an outdoor toilet. Think about it. If you invite friends into your garden for a barbecue, and their shoes get muddy, they’ll trail the mud into your clean home, leaving you to clean up the mess later. If you had an outdoor toilet in your shed in North Wales. that wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

These are just a few suggestions of new ways to use sheds in North Wales. As long as you have an electricity supply and heating, you can stay cosy even when it’s raining – and it does that a lot in North Wales. If you have a smaller shed to use as an outdoor toilet, you may get away with not having to install a water supply in your main timber garden room.

For sheds in North Wales go to Richard Williams, builder’s merchant in North Wales

Before you go to Richard Williams, the builders merchant in North Wales, you need to think about what you want to do in your shed. Sheds range in size from a mere 4′ x 4′ to a larger 23’6″ x 10. ′ The smaller size would be ideal for an outdoor toilet/shower room.

You will need to treat your shed with exterior wood treatments, also available from Richard Williams, builder’s merchant in North Wales, so that it can stand up to the elements. Such treatment will improve its durability.

There are many styles and sizes to choose from, and there will be one that’s just right for your outdoor living space. Consider the possibilities!

Successes that began in sheds

  • Karl and Berthe Benz developed the world’s first lightweight four-stroke internal combustion engine in their shed.
  • Gottlieb Daimler was doing the same in an extension to his greenhouse. Nosy neighbours reported Daimler to the police after he and Wilhelm Maybach widened the garden path so that vehicles could be moved along it. The neighbours seemingly believed that the extension was being used as an illegal mint.
  • Of course, you’ve heard of Harley Davison motorbikes. Harley and Davison first me when they were working together at a metal fabrication company in Milwaukee. In 1901, they began working on their now famous bikes in a 10 x 15-foot wooden shed.
  • Ron Hickman, who was the director of engineering for Lotus racing cars, perfected the Black & Decker Workmate in his garden shed. The reason for this was that his idea had been rejected by both Black and Decker and Stanley Tools. Hickman was told that the Workmate wouldn’t sell. More than 30 million have been sold up to now.
  • Marie Curie, the Polish-French Nobel laureate, carried out most of her scientific research in her shed. Probably the only Nobel award winner to do so.
  • Gustav Mahler composed some of his most famous works in sheds.
  • George Bernard Shaw wrote some of his famous plays in his shed.
  • Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, wrote in his shed above the boathouse in Laugharne. Visitors can still see it there.

These somewhat surprising facts may have given you pause for thought! Think again about having your own garden shed in North Wales. Visit the builder’s merchant in North Wales, Richard Williams, find out more about sheds and order one now.

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So You Think You Don’t Need A Garden Shed? Think again!

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