Reasons to Build a Timber Garage

Wooden buildings have always been popular but then metal buildings overshadowed their popularity. However, wood or in more commercial terms, timber never completely went out of style. And these days wood is once again becoming the primary choice as a building material especially when it comes to garages. It is uncommon, right? People usually prefer metal or concrete garages to ensure the safety of their cars but nowadays, people are choosing timber over metal. There are certain reasons to it as building garages in timber ultimately has more benefits.

We see an increased number of professional Timber building manufacturers as well. A lot of construction companies focuses solely on timber buildings and specializes in this service. This article highlights some benefits of building timber garages in your home.

Timber Garages are more Economical

Timber Garages cost you less in terms of money and time. The reason is because metal is heavier and a metal garage requires specific foundation to support the structure. On the other hand, timber is lighter and easy to work with. It only requires a concrete slab as its foundation. A single concrete slab distributes the weight of cars evenly on the ground. Garages with metal walls need additional foundation specially to support the walls which means you will need to spend more money and time on metal garages. Timber garages are simple and provide the necessary features a garages needs.

Easier to Build

Timber garages are easier to build mostly because of the simple foundation. The structure of any building depends on its foundation that’s why installing the foundation properly is very important. Timber garages takes less time for installation and you can easily built them over a weekend. Metal and concrete garages have complex foundations and take a lot of time for their completion.

Timber Garages are Repairable

Another advantage of building timber garages is that they are easily repairable. You can simply repair the damaged part or segment of the timber wall but in metal and concrete garages you will have to replace the whole wall to mend the broken part. A timber garbage can last for 10 to 15 years if build right. Most timber manufacturing companies takes special care and chooses thoroughly pressure treated timber as basic construction material. Moreover, a properly built timber garage is low maintenance as compare to metal garages.

They are Multipurpose and Natural Insulator

Timber garages serves as multipurpose shed. In addition to keeping your car, you can also transform a portion of it into a shed workshop for your hobby. It can also serve as a storage space for all the extra stuff that is lying around your house and backyard. Timber is a good natural insulator as well which means it has the capacity to keep the temperature of the garage constant at all seasons. Any hole in the wooden wall for electricity cables will not affect the insulating properties of the timber garage. The same cannot be said about metal and concrete garages.

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