Garage Doors- Strong & Steadfast

Garage doors are huge doors present at the gateway of your garage which protect primarily vehicles and other possessions of the homeowner. These doors are usually very wide and tall so that they can accommodate many different types of vehicles. Garage doors can be expensive in some places but in most countries, they are subsidized or provided by the government. Garage doors have had a lot of new advancements and automation as new products are being launched into the market on a regular basis.

In Blacktown, Garage doors are now a part of any home’s basic security. They are made of tough and sturdy metals sheets. Now that most of the garage doors have automation, it is very easy to operate. Unlike previous times when the manual doors needed strong hands to rotate the axle and lift the door and hold it there until the vehicle had been taken out. Thus, in the case of any issues related to these doors, be sure to consult professional garage door repairs in  Blacktown.

Types of Garage doors :

There are mainly three types of garage doors. The first one is Jamb type doors. In this case, the doors are fixed in front of the garage with two hinges attached to each one side of the wall. When the door is lifted these hinges perform a circular motion causing the door to go out and then up. The problem with this type of contraption is that the vehicle to be parked needs to stop certain feet away from the door to complete its motion. Or else the car can get hit by the door.

The second type is the Single piece track type. Here the single door is set up on a track with rollers attached on each end. When the button is pressed the rollers on the top move backward and the ones in the bottom moves forward creating a rotational motion of the door and lifts it to the ceiling of the garage. The track type is much preferred over the Jamb type because of the space saved.

The third type is the rolling type. There is a roller shutter door mechanism installed in front of the garage. The door itself is slotted and made up of similar segments connected. When roller starts to move, the door segments are pulled up and the segments fold into the roller box which lifts the door.

Common problems in garage doors :

Garage doors can sometimes malfunction in different ways. This is generally caused due to clogging in the gears, dried up hinges, rust on the metal, etc. These issues generally occur in places like Sydney, Blacktown, etc. during the winters and monsoons. During winters the joints and fringes of door segments get jammed and causes mechanism failure. During the rains, the metal catches rust which makes it weak and noisy.

The repairs of these issues can take up to days and weeks depending upon the place. But for the people living in Blacktown, it is made simpler. There are many door servicing agencies that specialize in garage door repairs in Blacktown.

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