Perfect Pillow Selection: What You Need to Know

Sometimes you may not be sleeping well. Or you keep tossing and turning while sleeping. Maybe, you might require a different pillow. This could be your most anticipated remedy. But now you will need to know a few things to help you select the perfect pillow for your bed.

 What Size of the pillow do you need?

Here you will consider these three crucial things; the number of pillow you want, the size of your bed, and the intended use of the pillows. Usually, pillows correspond to the sizes of beds that is, standard, queen or king. You can check pillow reviews on

But look at this; you see, it is not a must that because you have a king size bed, you get a king pillow. You can get a king size pillow for your reading purposes and a standard pillow for your sleeping. Also, if you love having numerous pillows on your bed, go for the standard size.

 Kind of Filling

There are three types of filling; memory foam, polyester, and feather/down.

The memory foam pillows are springy is such a way that they mold to your head once you sleep and get back to their normal shape when you wake. It is a pillow that is highly recommended to those with neck and spinal issues by doctors. However, it is a bit pricey.

Feather/down filled pillows

are highly malleable and make you feel cradled while sleeping. They also give you a toasty feeling on cold nights. Though not ideal for allergic guys, the hypoallergenic pillow covers can enable allergic people to use the feather or down pillows.
Polyester pillows happen to be less expensive and offer enough support. On the other hand, they easily wear out and may become lumpy and bumpy.

 How about Support?

Here you need to comprehend that the more material is stuffed to a pillow, the harder it becomes. And the less material is stuffed the softer the pillow. However, this is a personal choice. Also, when it comes to the hardness of a pillow, the material doesn’t matter. What matters is the amount of material stuffed into the pillow.

If you feel overwhelmed by the variety offered at showrooms, you can try them out before picking your preferred pillow. Some showrooms can allow you to test them before purchasing them. For online buyers, you need to comprehend the return policy so that in case you are not satisfied, you can return them within the given return period.

 Your Sleeping Position

How you sleep affects the pillow height you choose. For example, if you sleep on your stomach or back, you need a flatter pillow and if you sleep your side, a loftier pillow is suitable for you. Do not underestimate this because better support translates to deep sleep and no back pains or neck issues in the morning.

 Special Needs

Hopefully, this information on the selection of pillows will help you pick a perfect pillow. In turn, your day will be much better if you sleep well. Always remember to keep in mind these tips when you are making your selection for great pillows.

For those with allergies or tend to snore a lot, there are pillows that can help them. For instance, if you have allergies, you may need a pillow with special fillings or covers that help keep off dust and mites. Also for snoring, there are pillows that help reduce snoring. You can also ask for them whenever making your order.

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