Industrial style open spaces: when details make the difference

Industrial style open spaces: when details make the difference

The industrial style is one of the top trends in the interior design field. It is a very spartan and simple style inspired by old factories and it is usually chosen by those who need to furnish an open space or an apartment located in modern residential contexts.

What makes the difference with the other interior design styles is the use of modern materials and vintage-style furnitures, especially those from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Neutral colors and sharp lines are the key feature of the industrial style. From furnishings to details, all must be sober and minimalist. Also, space must be managed in order to be functional to those who live them.

Due to these features, many people look to the industrial style as a poor or sad ones, that makes home environments lacking in personality. It is not always true especially if you take care of some key details. Let’s find out more!

Industrial style furnishings and space management

As we have just said, industrial style is characterized by minimalism and geometrical shapes. Therefore, the choice of the furnitures must be made according to this basic criterion.

The furnitures are vintage style pieces that means that they are absolutely modern pieces of furniture made with technological materials but inspired by the style of the last decades of the 90s. Great attention is drawn to every detail in order to make furnitures that look like real vintage pieces.

However, the industrial style will also allow you to combine more modern pieces with vintage ones. For example, you can choose to insert in your open space a vintage bookcase with glass doors or one of the many models of modern sofas with linear forms or modular elements, thus creating a living area separated from the night zone.

The great advantage of an open space is the opportunity to manage big spaces according to your needs. Furnitures will separate each area from the others because dividing walls or plasterboard walls are not allowed by the industrial interior design.

Walls, floors and finishings

Open spaces’ walls must look like those of a factory so the ideal solution are the exposed brick walls. If your open space is located inside an old factory yet, you won’t have to work very hard. You will just need to restore the original walls for a sure industrial effect. Alternatively, you could choose walls in raw concrete colored with sober shades and alternate them with wood, slate or aluminum elements.

Even the floors must be strictly original. So, wooden floors are welcome better if they are made with large wooden boards with some flaw. These details make the difference in the industrial style and give to the house a worn look.

Also, consider that open spaces are very bright thanks to the original large windows of the factories that are set all around the space. However, if your apartment is not located in an old factory and has few sources of natural light, then you can customize the sleeping area or the reading corner with modern lamps in the most contemporary shapes and materials.

So, pay attention to details! Right here you can express your personality and make an industrial-style open space a welcoming home.

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