High-Tech Bathroom Vanities You Need This 2018

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More often than not, folks find the bathroom a room mainly built for its functionality rather than comfort and aesthetic. It is, for most homeowners, undeniably real. However, there are people who— whether it is for the sake of convenience or personal style and aesthetic— prefer to build or integrate high technology accessories into their bath sanctuary.

Installing innovative bathroom vanities do not only add some futuristic accent in your space, but it is also an exceptional way to add worth to your house, especially if you are planning to sell or lease it. But what are the best 2018 accessories and gadgets to incorporate into your bath space? Here are a few you need to know.

Motion Sensor Faucets

Everyday washing of the hands is and will always be the number one way to keep the ill-causing bacteria away from you and your family. Although the traditional faucets are helpful, the advanced technology of motion sensor faucets is an excellent piece to ensure that your family (especially the kids) will wash their hands all the time since it is more convenient and easy to use. Apart from it, it can also help in maintaining your water bill low.

High-Tech Toilets and Bidet Seats

It is already proven how incorporating a separate toilet and bidet seat into your bathroom can promote good health and proper personal hygiene particularly for women. However, upgrading your toilet and bidet seat into a more advanced technology adds comfort and accent to your bath sanctuary. High-tech bidet seat has different features like moderating the warmth of the water and the place itself and are excellent for elders and pregnant women.

Fancy Bathroom Tubs

Since the early 80’s, the bathtub is known as the great vanity in every bathroom. Its ability to bring comfort while keeping one’s skin necessities and rituals a priority has made its popularity skyrocketed, especially to women. But time has gone when this traditional bathroom tubs can provide what you need. Now, there are modern, and high technology soaks that offer a heaven-like comfort.

These days, Chromotherapy or mood-enhancing tubs are gaining its popularity. These “colour therapy” bathroom tubs have LED lightings (in different colours) incorporated on it, and which are said to provide a tranquil and relaxing feeling while bathing after a long tiring day of work. Another high-tech tub that is best to integrate into your bath sanctuary is the air bath. Unlike Chromotherapy, air bath has air jets installed in it and uses air as a way to massage the body.

Useful Fancy Gadgets

It is not odd when, once upon a time, you suddenly thought of integrating valuable appliances like a mini refrigerator  into your bath sanctuary. Nowadays, experts in futuristic interior design suggest putting high-tech devices such as a small high-tech fridge and TV is an excellent idea. And they say that incorporating them are not only for the sake of comfort and convenience but is also a perfect vanity to add accent to your bath space.

A bathroom is a place of comfort. However, limiting its purpose to its function which is to do your “thing” is an old-school idea, especially nowadays. And today, incorporating high technology bathroom vanities is an excellent idea to add some twist and state-of-the-art accent.

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