7 Mind Blowing Interior Design Ideas That You Never Know Existed

As we cope up with the modern world today, it is hard to distinguish which stuff is the best and which ideas are outdated. Now, we will give you a sneak peek to the unique design ideas that can potentially make your room envious.

Aquarium Bed Frame

Surely you’ve heard about the underwater themed hotel in Dubai which is really mind blowing to imagine. It is also possible to have a bed with an Aquarium on its top. With the right mixture of the some modern pendant lighting, your room will surely be slick as ever. Just be careful not to punch it when you wake up as you might receive your early shower in the face.

Glass Floor Bathroom with Open Shaft Below

It looks scary at first sight, as it is too disturbing to see that the moment the glass breaks the floor, you might be in serious trouble. However, the glass surely is durable enough for the owners to find it safe to poop or to wash their faces.

Balcony Pool

Having a balcony pool will surely cost you a lot especially with the glass material. However, it is pleasurable for the people who have it  in their houses as it is perfectly combined with sunlight. It is also pretty unique as you will find the quietest place only in your home as well as you can have a bonding with your family.

Office in the Backyard

It is funny that there are some people do not have problems when going to work as they have their office in their own backyard. There’s not too much info into this photo but surely, it is one of the best stuff that a person can create.

Chandelier Forest Theme Room

With a mixture of modern pendant lightings, this special chandelier can turn your whole room into a Forest. The walls of a room transform into a branch of trees created by Hilden Diaz. The chandelier covers the whole 360-degree shadow formation, which is amazing.

Beach Sand at Workplace

This is one of the unique things that a person can ever do inside their home. We all know that having feet soaked in the sand is relaxing thing to do and it is also fun. However, the bad effect of this is it can make your floors dirty if the person is not that careful. If the baby is also at home, it is dangerous for them to stay close to it because they might eat it.

Spiral Room for Wine Storage

Many of us are wine lovers, but not all of us can come up with this idea of having an underground wine storage while consuming small space. However, constructing this type of room may cost you a lot and it will hurt your pockets more when you will buy a wine to place beneath it.

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